Fallout 4: It’s Nearly Here.

All aboard the hype train to Fallout 4 Station, arriving on the 10th of November! One of 2015’s biggest titles is upon us, and we thought it would be a good idea to keep up to date on what we’re looking forward to, and how this title builds on the critically acclaimed last instalment…

Set in the post-apocalyptic far future, you emerge fresh-faced unto a bomb shredded and irradiated Boston after having taken a 200-year nap in a cryogenics chamber. You’ll be scavenging, bartering, exploring and (if you chose), butchering your way through iconic locales such as Fenway Park, the USS Constitution, Massachusetts State House and the grass surrounding the Paul Revere Statue.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 3.47.28 pm

Paul Revere has survived a nuke. image courtesy of Flickr.

Now let’s rattle off some cool new features included in the game!


What should one do when left to their own devices in a post-apocalyptic wasteland infested by mutants and raiders? One should construct an elaborately designed basecamp with weaponised defences and caravan convoys to hunker down in!

Post-apocalyptic LEMONADE ANYONE? image courtesy of gamesradar.

Post-apocalyptic LEMONADE ANYONE?
image courtesy of gamesradar.

Collect scrap, recycle weapons and scavenge for raw materials around the wasteland to build your dream base of operations from scratch. Use a simple point-and-drop mechanic to install floorboards, walls and furniture to spruce up your new digs.


Yes, man’s best friend- Dogmeat the adorable german shepherd will be an optional buddy. You’ll be able to command him around the wasteland, distracting raiders and picking up loot for you. He’ll also be invulnerable so there’s no need to re-load in the case of him dying!

You and Dogmeat, staring lovingly at each other before a decimated skyline. image courtesy of Flickr.

You and Dogmeat, staring lovingly at each other before a decimated skyline.
image courtesy of Flickr.

On top of your canine pal, roughly a dozen companions will be available in the game. These include Piper, a resident of Diamond City, Preston Garvey, the front-man of the Commonwealth Middle Men who was introduced in the E3 Microsoft presentation and Mr Handy, your robot butler. If you so choose, you’ll also be able to romance your companions for some spicy post-apocalyptic relationships.


Okay, we’ve talked about base-building, but what about the building of your guns and power armour? Collect scrap, materials and tools to create intricate gun parts in order to construct the killing tool of your dreams. Feeling that your plasma rifle is a little short ranged? Slap on a sniper’s barrel and equip it with a powerful scope. Pistol not exciting enough? Convert it into an SMG, or completely ditch it for a custom baseball bat with circular saws chained to it. The possibilities are endless…

PEW PEW PEW. image courtesy of ytimg.

image courtesy of ytimg.

A Fallout game would be incomplete without some inclusion of The Brotherhood of Steel Armour, and Bethesda have really delivered on giving fans the freedom to weld together the ultimate play-suit. No longer a standardised equippable set of clothes, the power suit allows for the detailed customisation of both its aesthetics and functionality. Tired of using your chain-gun to mow down death-claws? Why not kit yourself up with a flamethrower and jetpack in order to take to the skies and burn those super mutants a new one.

Suit-up, brah. image courtesy of videogamesblogger.

Suit-up, brah.
image courtesy of videogamesblogger.


Not much to say here, as the game is yet to be released, but the modding community should be excited to see their creations come to life on the XBone and PS4 at a later date. This is the first time a title has given console users such easy access to mods, and it’ll be exciting to see what kind of groovy community created content we’ll be getting for the game over the next few years.

I’m holding my breath for the triumphant return of the Adoring Fan from Oblivion. I reckon he’ll fit in perfectly with the residents of this Bostonian wasteland. By Azura!

A moment of silence. image courtesy of ytimg.

A moment of silence.
image courtesy of ytimg.


Your journey across the wasteland ain’t gon’ be no walk in the park, as you’ll face up against a very colourful (yet hostile) set of enemies and NPCs in Boston. Confirmed so far are super mutants and behemoth mutants (them big green boys that want to step on you), raiders, mutated bears know as Yao Guai, sentry bots, mirelurks, radscorpions, protectrons, ghouls, raiders, giant mosquitoes known as Blood Bugs, android-like cyborgs known as Synthetics, and the Brotherhood of Steel, if you rub them the wrong way.

Oh, and death claws. I hate death claws.

Here's a death claw. They're not very friendly. image courtesy of Flickr.

Here’s a death claw. They’re not very friendly.
image courtesy of Flickr.


You begin the game as either the husband or wife of a small family during the pre-war period, where you’ll tinker with your fully-voiced character’s visage with an all-new facial creation system while they freshen up in front of the bathroom mirror. No longer are the days of clunky sliders which correspond ambiguously to he strength of one’s jawline or nose-depth! In Fallout 4, you’ll be shaping your character’s face as if it were made of Play Dough by using a cursor to squish, squeeze and sculpt facial features in real time. Making an avatar with your likeness, or fast-tracking to making a nightmare fuel-faced monstrosity will be easier than ever!

Juicy juicy dialogue. image courtesy of Flickr.

Juicy juicy dialogue.
image courtesy of Flickr.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on what Fallout 4 has to offer, come November the 10th, but we hope that you’re just as excited for the game as we are. Levelling-UP in Life will be updating all Fallout 4-related news and announcements leading up to its launch, so keep an eye on this space!

3 thoughts on “Fallout 4: It’s Nearly Here.

  1. This is bound to be one hell of a game! I have a feeling this will be GOTY. Only thing that saddens me is that I have no way of playing it :(. It looks so damn good I might have to go and get myself a new computer 😀


    • Yeah I reckon this installment is a serious GOTY contender, although this has been an incredible year for games. I’d like to see how it does against Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3, The Phantom Pain and Battlefront! Have you played Fallout 3? What’s got you most excited for this upcoming one? I hope you manage to beef up your computer to run it once it comes out!


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